Simple changes to incorrectly functioning muscles allow the body to make immediate shifts towards resilience, strength and speed.

An Activated body will quickly change from a state of tension and pain, to a strong relaxed state of excellent performance. When we do the right thing, the body responds immediately.

Our Story

Unique, powerful tools for control over your own health

Our body has two priorities for survival; to breathe and to move – and without both – we will die!  Our body finds ways to meet those priorities, and it’s willing to sacrifice anything else in order to do this. 

An aligned body functions in a 1-2-3 sequence.

But these compensations put us at risk.  Our body’s ability to overcome the stresses and  pressures of life can result in reduced movement and exercise. Measurable reductions in strength, power, flexibility and endurance often occur, leaving our bodies less resilient, and at risk of poor performance, pain and dysfunction, both in the way we move and the way we behave. If  you experience a traumatic event or injury, you’ll notice the slow and gradual decline in function and performance.  These compensations then get tired, and eventually break.

The result is at best is a loss of energy,  at worst constant chronic pain and reduced function.

And it is equally simple
to reverse

The Be Activated system starts by testing what your body is doing now, so that changes can be clearly measured. This is done by simple muscle resistance, strength and flexibility tests.
The next step is to activate the body to breathe correctly (nearly everyone still gets this wrong.)
Once the first priority is being met effectively, we run through the body’s sequencing patterns, testing and activating, so muscles and structures can return to their correct right patterns – they start doing their own job, rather than someone else’s. Then the body and brain can integrate and allow the you to work effectively and efficiently. A stress-free body can go back to working at full capacity, with full energy. The measurements are important, but what you feel is always foremost in our minds as we work.

What the body needs

Be Activated offers a powerful new understanding of the body and its incredible ability to shift immediately when the right techniques are applied.

Move in a correct form

Muscle Activation jump-starts the body into correct form, automatically. It interrupts poor patterns and rewires the template your brain uses.


With a very simple technique Douglas demonstrated how to gain back control of my body.

Celine Matteau

I felt amazing; taller, stronger, I had more clarity of vision…Generally amazing. My journey home that night took an hour, but it felt like ten minutes.

Lucy Hackney

I feel less reactive to the world around me and the opinions of others, more emotionally stable, more comfortable in my own skin, more able to deal with life’s inevitable stresses.

Georgina Ramos

After just 60 secs of hip activations, so intense that I was reduced to sobs under Douglas’ hands, I achieved a physical goal I’d been trying years to master – flat-to-the-floor middle splits.

Alisha Smith