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3000 stories to inspire
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Doug’s Story

Sharing and teaching these ideas brings me great joy and energy.

I kept questioning  ‘If what I’ve been taught was actually right – should it not work much better? Is this really the way we function?”
The body is such an amazing thing, yet the results seemed so limited.

Now I am very clear, if we do the right thing, the body will respond immediately.

I always challenge practitioners on workshops with “What if everything you know to be true is wrong? And what if you were okay with that?” It means you stay open to all possibilities.

It’s what’s got me here, and I never stop asking it.

People, their lives and their stories, are amazing. 


It's a kind of magic...

There’s a fine line between sanity and crazy. Be Activated is anything but sane. It isn’t witchcraft but it sure is magic.


Something very special...

 I’d been managing a chronic hip and shoulder injury for a couple of years after getting knocked off my bike in Amsterdam. Then I met Doug..


The best thing...

Doug’s philosophy got me over chronic injuries after I had a collision with a Segway tour, a bike and a tram.


Adrian Hayes, Record-breaking adventurer & K2 summiteer

“The course completely blew me away; rarely does a single course ‘change your life’ but this one did. It was a complete game-changer in my success in summiting K2 .”

Be Activated
3000 Stories

The work we do has the capacity to change peoples lives in the most profound way. 3000stories sets out to capture some of the magic and thus inspire each other and our clients. That inspiration will translate into more clients finding their way to your practice and the benefits of Be Activated. Add your stories and your details and let’s spread the healing and the joy. 

The Work

Some Recent Stories

David Della Cioppa

Then when I got home my girlfriend complained of pain in her calf; so again I thought I’d give it a try. After doing all the tests and working on her calves, I got her to walk around the room…  ‘What have you done to my feet??!!’ To which I responded; ‘I have given you your arches back, which you have never had before- or at least not since you were a baby!’ 

David Jackson, Physiotherapist

Last weekend the family and I were on the Isle of Jura for the fell race and I achieved a long standing goal of going sub 4 hrs for the fell run. I helped my brother activate before the run (claw toes and wide stance; he said he felt like his feet were buzzing as we walked to the start line…) and he knocked 1 hr off his best time.


Well that was timely.
Woke up this morning feeling fine.
Usual routine, take the pup out. Went to pick up poo and bang, something shifted in lower back and muscle spasm.
I had surgery on my lower back 15 years ago, but not had an experience like this in maybe 6+ years.

Could barely stand straight, stuck about 10 degree hip flexion and could barely get my right foot 4″ off the ground. Maybe 7-8 out of 10 pain

In the past I would have needed someone to “fix me” and in the meantime I’d have smashed and rolled all my tissues with a lacrosse ball, which would only basically take my mind from one pain to another with little change in function.

BUT, now thanks to Doug I have a new point of focus

10mins breathing. Zone 1, Zone 2 and a focus on lateral sling. 15-20mins later
Maybe 2 out of 10 pain, more sensations than pain
Can touch my toes again, 🤯
Can raise my knee past 90 degrees
Which, luckily meant the pup didn’t need to wait for someone else in the house to wake up and fed him his breakfast.

So long story short

Thank you

Ross McNie