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And then again, I did now! And only a bit more than 4 years ago.

I was on my first level 1 course in London in April 2016. A colleague of mine heard about it. I saw one video and that was enough, made the reservations: course, flight, and hotel. And it was overwhelming. But most of all it was LIKE COMING HOME and getting hope for the first time in many years.

I have had several bad injuries throughout my life.  From the age of 25, I was a sports invalid! Over the next 25 years, I worked hard at being a physio, from 1997 in my own clinic. At the same time, I had a part-time farm and a family. And even though  I took all the physiotherapy courses I could get and asked all the world champions` in the various ‘systems’, nobody could help me. In the best cases, I didn’t get worse. The last one seeing me said: ‘ you’re imagining it’. It’s all in your mind!

So not being able to walk, having pain and discomfort in the knees, left hip and pelvis, and headaches, lack of energy and pain and weakness in my left arm was all psychosomatic!  I was so angry and lost.

I was hurt in a soccer match when I was 19 and never got back on the same level, I had a severe car accident, when I was 26 and a very bad head injury when I was 39. The last  2 were accidents where I was lucky to be alive. So of course the was a ‘mind’ side of the things because no one ever helped me and I could not help myself. But the was also a physical restriction that took all my energy and force.

So being on that first course gave my hope for the first time in many years. It took me less than 2 years to sell my ‘normal’ physiotherapist clinic and start another one.

Here I am on my own, working with BeActivated, building a business doing that and still fighting for my mobility. And I’m so much better. There is still work to do. But I can now see that I will be able to use myself in the future. Doing sports, just moving because that what I love and doing the work.

And still, there is a lot more to learn and I love it. And so looking forward till we can meet again