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When I first met Doug and Be Activated, I’d been drowned for the longest time, but thought life was just fine. I loved my career helping people. What was this weird course that kept cropping up?

Sunk underneath the weighty layers of Chinese culture, abused at University, in a relationship that didn’t work, parenting a young toddler, diagnosed with autoimmune disease, and bullied by my manager, I attempted to learn this funny system whilst submerged a zero. I watched immediate changes, epiphanies in my colleagues. I facilitated my clients the day after with the same quick changes and progress. If I can do this, anyone can. Just keep my mind open and learn.

Having attended level 1 and 2, 5 times in total, and loving it most of the time. I’d left my relationship, established my own Physiotherapy practice, and opened up to new relationships…..after sloughing off a solid crying jag outside the teaching room, being embarrassed as hell as someone did press-ups above me, then walked with a looseness I’d never experienced. A 360-degree change in my personal journey and a resilience I’d struggled to find. Bring IT on ;D

Douglas Heel, the game-changer, personal best, and injury prevention enhancer? My life changer. Thank you.

….My clients thank you too 🙂