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I’ve been around Douglas and the Be Activated community for almost 3 months.  My intention was simply to help Doug grow his business.  Feeling like I had to understand the method better I took the Level 1 Workshop virtually and a few of the other courses dedicated to Trainers and Therapists.  Having a degree in Exercise Science and being a Personal Trainer by trade it was very easy for me to follow along.  Not having an experienced practitioner take me through the live physical tests or activation, I’ve had to do some self-activation.  The benefits I’ve seen from self-activation alone have been tremendous.

The past 30 days I’ve been doing self-activation for 15-20 minutes in the morning before my workouts and 15-20 minutes before bed.

Prior to the last month, my experience has been

With my body

  • Low energy levels in the morning and difficulty getting out of bed.
  • Shoulder pain.
  • A nagging neuroma in my foot making it impossible to run or walk barefooted.

With my mind

  • Stress at work. Financial worry and fear and uncertainty with growth
  • Worry at home with my kids development and their schooling with Covid
  • Complete lack of confidence with any decisions

After 30 days of self-activation

With my body

  • Eager and excited to get up in the morning
  • Absolutely no shoulder pain
  • I run at least a mile every day (some days 4-5 miles)
  • My strength has drastically increased (deadlift for reps 275 before, over 315 for reps) Squatted 315 for 8 reps for the first time ever. The only reason I stopped at 8 reps was because I was uncertain the safety because I have never done that before.

With my mind

  • Less stress at work. The uncertainty is becoming more comfortable and familiar and typically has led to great things.
  • My kids development doesn’t worry me as much as it motivates me. Through them I’m learning more about my own habits.
  • I’m less worried about having confidence and more interested in generating confidence with small victories throughout the day.

I should probably add, in the last 30 days I’ve significantly decreased my dosage of anti-depressants that I’ve been on and off of for 2 decades.   I will be completely off before the end of this month.

My kids have watched me do the self-activation and they now ask every night before bed for a “night time massage”  I’ve noticed this helps them go to sleep almost instantly and my oldest (who always gets out of be every night) has not gotten out of bed once since we have started.

Moving forward I’m very interested in where Be Activated can take me in terms of understanding and being aware of how things work all around me. I’m really looking forward to my first activation session with a practitioner who has been very active for several years…..having it tomorrow.  Hoping to pick up several bits of what I don’t know and layer them on top of the other layers I’ve gained in the last few weeks.