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A Client’s Story.

A Lifesaving Encounter with an Extraordinary Sports Therapist – My Journey with Grant McLullich

As I sit down to write this review, it’s almost overwhelming to put into words the profound impact Grant McLullich, a sports therapist, has had on my life and my family’s lives. I met Grant under the most serendipitous circumstances; he was treating my son for a sporting injury. However, little did I know this encounter would be the beginning of my transformative journey. I suffer from Colitis, a condition I have battled for over ten years, constantly experiencing a combination of physical and psychosomatic reactions to food containing gluten and/or dairy. My family and I called it ‘food tourettes,’ where my body would jerk, jump, and let out loud, violent vocal tics. It was comical at times but mostly embarrassing and frustrating. Fueled by my nervousness and anxiety, this condition was on a vicious downward spiral. Imagine my surprise when Grant, while treating my son, noticed the difference in my breathing and body tension as he discussed the nervous system. It was a revelation! I felt a glimmer of hope, a sense of understanding that perhaps my condition was more than just about food; it was about my nervous system. Embracing this newfound perspective, I booked three sessions with Grant, who employed unique and intensive techniques. His approach, focusing on pressure points and the nervous system, felt intense, even painful at times. It was like being tickled, in ther sense that it was fine if I placed any pressure on these points, but it was incredibly intense and uncomfortable at times when someone else was. However, the aftermath was soothing and freeing, leaving me in a state of deep relaxation. The unthinkable happened as the sessions went on – my ‘food Tourette’s’ stopped. It was as if a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders, bringing a huge relief to my life. I was no longer a ticking time bomb; I was just… me. My energy levels soared, my overall happiness improved, and most importantly, the clarity that came with understanding my condition was life-changing. The enormity of this change is hard to express. From suffering daily from an autoimmune disease, I found relief through the hands of a sports therapist. Grant’s unique approach, connecting trauma and emotional injuries to physical reactions and nervous system restrictions, was unorthodox, innovative, and incredibly effective. With Grant, I found peace, a sense of calm that I had not felt in years. This calm was not just reflected in my body but in my overall demeanour. My family saw it, my friends noticed it, and I felt it. This therapy gave me more than relief; it gave me my life back. For anyone reading this, whether you suffer from an obvious physical ailment or not, I cannot recommend Grant McLullich highly enough. It’s like having a physical ‘counselling session’ – something we all need. Thank you, Grant, for your profound impact on my life. Your work, your techniques, and your understanding have truly been transformative. You gave me back my life. For this, I am eternally grateful.