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A few years back, one of my regular clients asked me if I could try to help her 7 year old son, whose doctor diagnosed him with tight calves. This was about 6 months after I took levels 1 and 2 and was confident that I could help with simple tights calves in a child.

When I first met (let’s call him M), he might have been only 7 but he was a big kid; I mean he could have passed for 11 years old at least. He had always been much bigger than other kids his age since he was 6 months old. He was a shy and quiet kid and his calves were more than tight! He was a toe walker and had always been! After our 2nd treatment, where I had done zones 1 and 2, as I got to his house with my treatment table, he ran to me the second I walked in and gave me the biggest hug. When I asked what that was for, he told me:

“I sat on the floor today!!”

“What do you mean M?”

“I sat on the floor with my friends!”

“Where do you usually sit when your friends are on the floor?”

“On a chair.”

I asked his mom when was the last time he sat on the floor and she answered around 2 years old! A kid’s childhood is supposed to be on the floor?!!? The joy M had in his eyes almost made me cry. I had finally turned him back into a child-like every other one!

A few treatments later, when I was satisfied that all zones were firing properly, I went on to check his visual field. M could not keep his arm up and look at my finger at the same time. I wasn’t even pushing it down yet. It was whether he looked at my finger with his arm down or he held it up and was looking elsewhere. I asked him if his teacher told him to pay attention in class and he replied no. I proceeded to ask his mother and apparently, the teacher had recently called her to say that M was very disruptive in class, never paid attention, and was always skimming around. She even had suggested that maybe he should go see a doctor to see if he required medication. I proceeded to activate him in all visual directions and he was so powerful afterward, no matter where his eyes were looking.

A few months down the road, when the mother went to the parent-teacher mid-year meeting, his teacher asked what had changed in M’s personal life because he was now at the top of his class, was calm and attentive, and was friends with everyone in his class, not the shy and disruptive kid she had met at the beginning of the year.

M is my all-time success story because if I could help someone so early on in their life and change their entire childhood for the better….what else can I ask for?