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For the past six months, I have worked with a young man, and we have experienced some wonderful moments together, and I am so grateful to accompany him during this part of the journey.

When he came to me for the first time, he was staring down, literally. Even when we were talking, he was not able to look me in the eye. It seems to me he was afraid and small, shrinking inside his physical presence.

After the first session, I asked what did he feel, he looked me in the eye and answered. I was shocked and amazed by the change he had. That day he left with himself (you know what I mean).

Three months later he came back, this time a young man with improved confidence and self-awareness. He told me his life has changed, he had been more confident interacting with class and people, the social relationship improved.

The second session we worked on Quads, after we finished, he smiled while talking.
I asked him to look into the mirror.
In the beginning, he was a bit shy, but when he did look into the mirror and see the people in front of him, he smiled. “I like him,” he said,
“I like the smile and confidence he shows, I like this person”
“and this is you” I smiled and replied.

We just finished the last session, learning how to self-activate to keep ourselves connected, and he is going back to hometown for work.
We have experienced so many changes, improved energy, sharpened focus, more coordinated during bicycle riding…
He arrived a timid, shrinking child, and leave a smiling young man exploding with energy.