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The year I first met Douglas I was about to get married to the girl of my dreams. At that point we had 2 kids and a lot of busy, everyday stuff going on in our lives.

I don’t get a lot of pictures taken, but I remember this picture being taken a few months before our wedding. I looked good, but I didn’t feel good. I remember the collar of the shirt slightly strangulating me and I couldn’t wait to get out of it.

Over the previous couple of years I’d been busy building my physiotherapy clinic and running courses and didn’t realize the pressure I’d built within myself, putting feelings and family aside for too long. The one thing I’d promised myself I never would do.

Organizing the first ever Be Activated course in Denmark, I had no idea what to expect. And Douglas’ way of looking at things, changed every one on the course.

The way I’d looked at the body, pain and performance had been wrong. It was both provoking and mind-hurting at the same time. But at the same time it made sense. Damn!

Being activated on the course, something in me changed. Even though my body had tried to tell me to slow down for a while, I had been disconnected and carried on ignoring the signs. But during activations on the course days, I was step-by-step connected back into it again. I saw things more clearly, giving me the right focus and connected the dots I was missing. Both my mind AND body was blown away.

Even though weeks passed, I could feel the pressure had been lifted and my body being more resilient and dialed in than in a long time!

Douglas has taught, coached and given me tools that help my clients feel and perform better. I’ve seen crazy and amazing things happen in my clinic and on the track with activations, and my clients love it! But what I most grateful of is having the tools to take care of myself and my family, knowing how to look and listen to the signs and symptoms of the body and knowing what to do with them.

Much love,