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Since getting my Level 1 RPR I have jumped headfirst into the world of Be Activated. My first story on 3000 Stories covers most of that, so I won’t ramble on and repeat myself.

This story is not the story I was planning to share. I actually have three I want to share with you all.

One is about a client’s knee and how Doug helped me actually listen to her story.

Two, is a client of ours who had a stroke, and how I felt I needed him to get better.

The third is about a gentleman with Parkinson’s.

And then my friend Dave shows up! He texted and asked if I had time to go over his posing the day before his competition. For Dave I made time. Since I had to make time for him it was a pretty small window and that was all I would need. He is a veteran of the sport so all we would need to do was a wee bit of tweaking if anything. I am telling you this so you will understand that Be activated wasn’t even on my radar!

What actually happened is so cool! During the posing, his left leg didn’t have the same definition as the right. This is normal, we are not Asymmetrical. That was not what I was seeing. I asked some questions and got his story. To cut to the chase, that leg has had injuries and as a result, won’t fire like the other.

Now the cool part! I did a quick Trigenics pass on the quad that got it to wake up a little, and then without thought, I went to his Peter Pan site. WOW!! HOLY COW!! WOW!! The quad lit up like a Christmas Tree! That fact that it felt so natural that I just knew what to do is the cool part for me!

The more I do this work, the more I realized how little I know. And this is the fun part of this journey!  The more I just let go and trust the process the more WOW moments I get to share with my people. The real key for me is to NOT look for those WOW moments. The key is their story.

My wife did catch some of this on video! I took a screen shot of the quad after it woke up, but the file is too big to add to the story, and I am not tech savvy enough to reduce it. I will post it to social media and YouTube so you can see it if you want. Performance inc gym is what you’ll have to search for.