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In its simplest guise, Be Activated is primarily a “hands-on” CPD course for physical therapists and bodyworkers. It is taught by a crazy South African Physiotherapist and you will learn some awesome new techniques for treating the body that can help the clients you see in your practice. 

This was what I was led to believe before I attended my first course with Doug almost 3 years ago.

The truth is somewhat different. 

Activation has completely changed everything I do. It has helped me understand my own history and the physical issues that I had since birth and why my body was struggling with certain injuries. It has also removed them.  Despite having been a national level swimmer in my youth,  I can categorically say that at 42yrs old whilst on my first Activation course, I took my first breath!

Activation has also transformed my business and totally changed the way I work with clients, because everything I had previously learnt no longer made any sense, and putting it simply, Activation just works. Having spent almost ten years as a soft tissue therapist, I now purely work as a Be Activated practitioner. The most powerful thing about activation is that it is simple to teach and gives clients a way to look after their own health if they choose.

I have now completed 8 Be Activated courses with Doug and I can honestly say that Activation is absolutely life-changing, in every sense.