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What is in the mind is in the body, and what is in the body is in the mind. It touched me deeply from the very first course I took with Doug.

Really simply, we can see this all around. Next time someone tells you they are sad, just check where their shoulders are sitting. Equally, when you see someone enthusiastic and bursting with life, notice their chest and shoulders! You are already imagining it aren’t you, maybe you even moved your own chest and shoulders when you even read and digested the words sad compared to enthusiastic and bursting with life.

I had the pleasure of working with a hypnotherapist a few years back, the brother no less of the Sports Rehabilitator who introduced me to Doug’s work (forever grateful!!!). Well, it was fascinating. He knows the work well of course due to his brother and we had maybe done one or two sessions before this particular one, but this day, we were delving into the psyche (discussion wise!) and wondered and played with the idea of what if we simply imagined ourselves being activated. What if I tested his psoas for example, then asked him to imagine where I usually activate (reminded him through a description and pointing to the area) and for him to remember the feeling of being activated in this area. Then we retest and see what happens! (Doug, I know you’re gonna go play with this if you haven’t indeed already done this!!!). SO we retested and sure enough fully activated psoas; hello!!!!

We did a few other spots. And yep! They worked. The power of the mind and being astonished simply by playing. I get asked often how did Doug come up with this process, the points, and how they work and I used to say I don’t know, he’s magic (or something similar!!! Hehe). But actually, it is through play, and creativity that great discoveries are made, and just seeing what might happen and not being afraid to start here, simply exploring.

I saw the same hypnotherapist yesterday because of a recurring back problem, which he says is definitely not emotional and not to do with what’s happening in the world right now and he has explored that through his lens. I still went the route of activation as I believed we would find stuff anyway. And maybe it is just his posture (too much sitting/sofa etc) but at the end of the day, maybe there is more. We shall simply play and wait and see!