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I was asked to do a home visit on Claire. She had weakness in her right leg and arm and had lost confidence walking due to numerous falls.

I arrive at her home and am surprised as I am greeted by a beautiful blonde 57 yeas old woman, who apart from her mobility issue is vibrant. I warm to her immediately. I take her history… 7 years ago she began to lose sensation in her right arm and hand, gradually deteriorating over the years and now affecting her entire right side. She used to love walking and hiking but now can hardly make it to the end of her drive without extreme caution. Prior to her weakness she was active, fit confident. She’s studied Craniosacral therapy as an interest, and believes that he body can heal itself.

Other than the mystery weakness, nothing really stood out. I was fascinated by her smile. I didn’t know why.  Over the years she’s had lots of medical investigations, neurology tests and a myriad of therapies, including Cranio, but no one can tell her what or why this is happening. I go to work teaching her the zones, testing her pattern as we go. She’s a zero on her right and a glimmer of power on her left. We chat a little then I focus on the task. I activate her diaphragm, her breath is ok but it doesn’t really kick in. I also get nothing from psoas activation.

I go back through her history. I ask more questions. What was happening in your world 7 years ago?  What do you think was the trigger? I was expecting her to hint at, or to reveal a tragedy of some buried trauma. She pursed her lips and asked me if I thought a dental implant could be the cause. She gave me a graphic account of her treatment 7 years ago. She firmly believed that the weakness was linked to it despite being told otherwise.

I asked her if she’d like to explore her theory. I did some testing around the implant and it was pretty interesting watching her breathing change and her psoas switch on and off. To keep it simple, I used the standard mind/body test that we use in live workshops. Baseline test – body before dental – body after dental.

I tested her psoas with the same question. It’s zero. Then I tested psoas as she touched her cheek over the implant site. The psoas held strong. In my mind she was a 333 jaw before the zero pattern came. I did some superficial soft tissue releases around SCM and mandible and repeated her diaphragm activation. After that she got progressively stronger with each zone.

We played some more, testing and retesting.  Every test that involved the implant story presented a zero pattern. She was delighted and intrigued by all of this and so was I but I love the fact that it was the energy sweep that galvanised the activations. She was a solid 10 both sides and the story made no difference.  She was buzzing,”I knew it, I knew it!!”

When I left her she was marching up and down her hallway, not bouncing off the walls or holding onto them.

Was it the implant or the belief that it was the implant that caused the issues?  What is more important to me is that she managed to find a way to reconnect herself using BeActivated as the vehicle.  It’s not the first time something like this has happened and I doubt if it is the last. What was important to me is that Claire led this investigation. She came up with the rational, I just helped her to figure it out.