I have been treating someone who came to see me about hip pain when running. Running was supposed to be her escape from some stress in her personal life. Somewhere along the line, it began to dominate her running too. This is the message she sent me. Her story in her own words.

Hey:) just messaging to say thank you for all that you are doing to help me.   I came to you as an extremely stubborn, frustrated and feeling pretty rubbish person, still had my wicked sense of humour and the strongest neck you have ever known (sorry couldn’t resist which you probably predicted I would cast up…again) I came to get treatment a lot later than I probably should of because that’s my usual way of dealing with things  ‘everything is always fine’ but I was locked in a repeat cycle of punishing myself for so many different reasons by putting an unhealthy amount of pressure (ok I admit it stress) on myself to be the best, to push way too far and hard just to prove to the outside world I was strong and had everything under control.  The truth was it was because I wasn’t really in a great place, wasn’t feeling much, and to feel something even if it was crippling pain when running was better than nothing. If I was out running I could easily pretend that everything was just great, I was strong and completely in control.  And let’s not forget the very strong competitive nature, which can really make me quite annoying at times🤦‍♀️  again sorry for making everything a contest!  So while I lay there as you perform “your unique techniques’…I grit my teeth and hope for some type of relief. I am so tired of always fighting, the old days varied from constant dull to searing pain and I was at a point where I was ready to give up running altogether.  I won’t lie your methods take me to places I fear,  being stubborn I’m not the easiest of clients but I believe in what you’re doing so turn up with a bucket full of attitude and you’ve got to admit some great banter;) I keep coming back because you refuse to give up on me when I almost did and you actually wanted to help.  That said it is getting easier to be more open with you.

I have loads to work on, but most of that is my job, you have shown me the madness of what I have been doing to myself and gave me the belief I deserved to be enjoying the freedom of running, pain-free.

After your treatment my body feels great, pains are away, I’m feeling stronger and more in tune..something I haven’t known for years.  A bit cringy but you have but a smile back on my face and I feel a different, healthier kind of control.  I have one less fight and struggle to deal with when the pain is gone and I’m armed with the knowledge to maintain.  I will continue on the impossible quest for perfect ‘belly breathing’ and activations because it will keep me a better, happier me (apparently)

I won’t waste the investment you made in getting me physically back to my best, which I am sure will give you fewer sleepless nights not worrying about me requiring an appointment to start back at square 1.  I am trying, with limited success to not compete with every ‘slightly younger than me’ person’ just to prove a point!!

Taking a while to build up to this part…but  honestly, thank you I can’t tell you how big a difference you have made. You’re a unique and empathetic person, what you do has a huge, positive impact on others.  (Your thumbs can also exude some amount pressure and just ‘a tad’ bit of discomfort🤣) Your patience and passion for what you do, the belief in the techniques instantly puts a person at ease and have immediate ‘buy-in’. I didn’t expect the sessions to get to me as much as they do..they have unexpectedly changed me for the better and made me realise that my own rules really aren’t the best for me. Maybe a ‘win-win’ for us both

See you in a couple of weeks when hopefully everything has stopped clicking and I can stop being so fascinated with my clicking ankles and feet!